Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality is a real time view of a real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data

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Augmented Reality

Gesture Recognition


Gesture recognition is an emerging technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way humans interact with machines; not only in gaming and automotive applications but also in day-to-day activities on the home front.

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Gesture Recognition

Wearable Technology

Smart Glasses

Smart glasses are wearable computers that adds information onto reality. Smart Glasses provide and opportunity to look into a unique world with a combination of real and virtual through Augmented Reality technology.

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Google Glass

Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality is now a common term and many people understand what it is. However, not may people know how this technology can be used and in what segments beyond gaming.

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Virtual Reality

Holographic Projection


Holographic projection is the new wave of technology that will change how we view things in the new era.
It will have tremendous effects on all fields of life including business, education, science, art and healthcare.

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Multi Touch

The multi-touch interface is a fast emerging accessibility option available today, and it is fast replacing keypads. Throughout the world companies are reaching out for innovative ideas to gain attention for products and brands.

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Multi Touch

Vending Machine for

Gamification is the newest way to boost engagement with your customers using the fun, appealing nature of games. We have seen that over the last couple of years a series of amazing customized vending machines engaging and entertaining consumers worldwide.

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Multi Touch

Navtek Solutions is a one stop shop for technological and digital solutions,dedicated to serve its clients. The young and vibrant team at Navtek Solutions has developed and implemented various technological solutions for clients in India and abroad. With special focus on improving brand value through unique consumer experiences, the team believes that good ideas lead to better business. Hence our slogan "Connecting Ideas with business".

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Navtek Solutions is a new venture dedicated to serve its clients by providing one of the best Information Technology solutions. A new player in the industry, it started
its operations in 2013 and has already bagged some projects on Augmented Reality which will make it one of the first to develop and implement an Augmented Reality solution in India. We have expertise in creating innovative ideas to provide solutions for your great businesses.We believe that good ideas lead to better business and
hence our slogan, "Connecting ideas with business".

We are a rarity in AR circles in India. We’re based in Mumbai and we comprise of a unique combination of entrepreneurs, marketing strategists,3D vision experts,
experienced graphic & web designers, software developers and advertising experts. We know the technology, the market, the
strategic impact, and most importantly we know how to help you avoid the pitfalls and develop successful campaigns.

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