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The Dissection Lab is currently the best alternative to live animal dissections. Animal dissection in laboratories of schools and colleges have long provided the rope of an extensive and never-ending tug of war between school boards, educators, animal activists, scientists, and advocates, not to mention students and parents. Understanding this critical issue and to address it Navtek Solutions has brought this best in class technological solutions to help students through realistic and interactive simulation software.

World-wide, the teaching methodology is fast moving towards e-learning methods, combining technologies such as Augmented Reality, interactive 3D simulations, Audio Visuals, Virtual classes, etc. We believe that to learn about the internal organs, organ systems and external features of animals, it is important to provide a real life like experience to the students in order to ensure that learning is not impacted in absence of real animal.

Realistic Lab Simulation

The Dissection Lab provides step-by-step instructions and 3D visualization of the specimen. It gives complete understanding of dissection process to learn animal anatomy and visualize internal organs effectively. The application replicates an actual dissection of a chloroformed specimen, using complete set of dissection instruments including pins, scalpel, marker, and forceps; giving a more real like experience.

Scientifically Accurate

Designed by experts with help of university professors, for biological and scientific accuracy, our app provides a realistic, virtual simulation of a given animal dissection. The app also provides quiz for practice or as an assignment to student.

Key Features

Innovative and engaging – Learn by doing not by watching or hearing

Realistic animal dissection with real like experience and real time interaction

Fun way of learning – good mix of Real and Virtual environment for animal dissection

Seven different types of animal dissection modules available

Internal and external Anatomical systems view in 3d along with voice over instructions

Animal classification with lifecycle, habits and habitat information

Easy interactivity with rotate, pan, pinch zoom, etc. functions

Assignments, questionnaire and quiz for practice

Supports universities curriculums

Available on tablets, computers and other smart devices

Ease of deployment and easy to install

Available on Google Play and App Store

Advantages over conventional methods

  • Compliant with University Grants Commission guidelines for discontinuation of animal dissections.
  • Save time as setting up wet labs is very time consuming.
  • It is safe as there is no concern over sharp scalpels, chloroform, formalin allergies, etc.
  • Environment friendly “Dissection Lab” eliminates the need for large scale killing of animals for dissection to teach anatomy.
  • Perform virtual dissection lab anytime and anywhere – no more dependent on availability of animal specimen and laboratory preparation.
  • Save significant money over traditional wet labs.
  • It also encourage squeamish students who may otherwise avoid animal dissections.
  • Ethical way of learning – show that you care for animals.

Dissection Modules

The following are the animals whose dissections are offered as modules in “Dissection Lab” App.

Each of these modules helps students to explore and learn about the anatomy & physiology of animals. It also gives information about their lifecycle and how they fit into the environment. Student can easily simulate and learn the real dissection process by virtually picking up a scalpel, cut and open the skin of the animal, and explore the anatomy and physiology, just like he or she would do with a physical specimen.

Comparative Analysis of Dissection Alternatives

There are currently several commercial alternatives to live animal dissection. These alternatives range from videos, physical, molded plastic models, to books and computer software. These products function more as an enhanced lab manual than anything else and offer no ability to affect the models specimen presented. While they present the student with an integrated and self-paced learning environment, but restrict their learning due to lack of real like experience and real time interaction.

Dissection Lab – A true alternative to Animal Dissections

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