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Medical Training and Simulation

Augmented reality is gradually being used for more practical purposes apart from providing entertaining digital content to the users of smart devices. One such important use of AR is in the field of medicine.  This technology is going to play an important role in the future of medicine.

This technology is rapidly gaining importance among medical professionals. The capabilities that this technology has, can be used to make complex surgical procedures easier. Doctors and other healthcare professionals have lauded this technology for this ability. With proper platform, doctors can not only perform surgeries easily but also provide postoperative care.

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Navtek Solutions is a new venture dedicated to serve its clients by providing one of the best Information Technology solutions. A new player in the industry, it started
its operations in 2013 and has already bagged some projects on Augmented Reality which will make it one of the first to develop and implement an Augmented Reality solution in India. We have expertise in creating innovative ideas to provide solutions for your great businesses.We believe that good ideas lead to better business and
hence our slogan, "Connecting ideas with business".

We are a rarity in AR circles in India. We’re based in Mumbai and we comprise of a unique combination of entrepreneurs, marketing strategists,3D vision experts,
experienced graphic & web designers, software developers and advertising experts. We know the technology, the market, the
strategic impact, and most importantly we know how to help you avoid the pitfalls and develop successful campaigns.

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