Overview of solutions for Pharmaceutical:

AugMed is an augmented reality based app that is used in pharmaceutical industry for various product promotions by medical representatives. It is also be used for the purpose of virtual presentation of product to the required audience like doctors, patients, technicians, etc. The app can play videos and augment 3d models on the recognized target. The app can be customized based on the requirement from the user. The realtime interactions in the app can be added to make it more innovative and engaging.

Pharma Sector with augmented-reality

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  • Play video on the target image on the product brochure.
  • Ability to play multiple videos on the same target. Also different videos on different target possible.
  • High quality video playback on the target. Creation of video by experienced content developers.
  • Different interactions on screen possible along with the video playback on the target.
  • Feedback of the user can be taken instantly and mailed to company server.
  • Possibility to add quizzes.
  • Call directly through app to enquire about project.
  • Selfie option.
  • Social media integration possible.
  • SMS integration.
  • Supports both Android and IOS platform.
  • Works on tablets and mobile devices.

Key Benefits

  • AR is an attention grabbing technology, but there is more to it than the ‘wow’ factor. One of the major benefits of AR is maintaining doctor’s interest.
  • The doctors can be engaged in a better way. This allows the sales professional to address the fundamental barriers directly and overcome the objections.
  • Sales person gets the ability to present visually how a product could be helpful in certain conditions. More attention of doctors, improved brand recall, improved sales.
  • AugMed is powerful non-verbal communication tools that can help any business create demand for its products. The sharper and more powerful the engagement, the more difficult your competitor’s job becomes.
  • The technology allows sales person to put a virtually enhanced version of a product directly into the hands of the customers and prospects
  • Immersive engagement of target audience.
  • Gather intelligence on how clients feel about a product and what they find interesting.
  • Give an innovative and insightful edge to your marketing strategy.
  • Improve brand recall and brand perception.
  • Improve business.

Competitive Advantage:

  • First time use of Augmented Reality technology in pharmaceutical industry in India.
  • Innovative and engaging for product promotion.
  • Technology can be used in various other ways for product demonstration.
  • Affordable and flexible costing.

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