Overview of solutions for Print Media:

The Connect is basically a cloud based content management system using augmented reality technology. The app provides a platform that will empowers marketers to react to campaign requirements on a dime and instantaneously push updated content to the app. The app can maintain itself over its entire lifespan, as content and augmentations are quickly and easily changed over time. This app is developed to ideally suit the requirement of managing many targets, or targets that need to be updated frequently. The app have a cloud database which will provide the application with a large number of image targets in a network-accessible database. It can suffice to the range of use cases like:

Range of use cases


Integrate digital shopping with traditional catalogues beyond printed pages including video, images, and digital experiences.


Allow brands to reach consumers in a quick and cost effective manner by leveraging a single application.


Create new content opportunities featuring customer reviews, detailed product information, and purchase options.


Transform retail shopping by empowering users to point their smartphone at products and signage in retail for information, reviews, special offers, and online purchases.


  • Powerful image recognition technology for scanning the target image
  • Image recognition possible on logo, catalogs, image of any physical object, CD’s, book covers, newspapers, magazines, posters, packaged goods etc.
  • Augment 3D animation, videos, social media icons and other metadata on top of the AR content.
  • Social media integration
  • Shows history of recently viewed contents
  • Engage user through custom interactive contents.
  • Track user interaction through analytics.
  • Available for tablets and mobile devices.
  • Supports Android and IOS phone platforms.

Key Benefits:

  • Innovative way of engaging user by transforming your static print to dynamic rich media content.
  • Deliver real-time, dynamically changing content and accelerate time to market.
  • Integrate with existing content management systems.
  • Augment your campaign with a quick and ready to market AR experience through cloud based service
  • Increases and track campaign response.
  • Analytics measures and provides high ROI through increased scans and usage
  • Provides insight to improve customer engagement and behavior

Competitive Advantages:

  • New and innovative technology in content management for range of use cases
  • Robust and reliable image recognition technology
  • Powerful and flexible cloud based network database
  • Rich realtime and granular user analytics to understand customer behavior
  • Track loyal user base by retention analysis
  • Helps to take decision quickly to improve KPIs
  • Valuable tool for marketing, engineering and product teams.

Our AR Solutions

  • Virtual Dissection

    Education Sector

  • Real View

    Real Estate

  • Consumer Durables

    Consumer Durables

  • Automobile Sector with augmented-reality

    Automobile Sector

  • Furniture Homeinterior


  • E-Commerce with augmented-reality


  • Exhibitions

    Exhibitions & Trade Show

  • Print Media

    Print Media

  • Retail Sector

    Retail Sector

  • Game Sector

    Game Sector

  • Hospitality


  • Pharma sector with augmented-reality

    Pharma Sector

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