Retail Industry

Retail Industry

Our AR solution will help the customer know about any product. The user has to focus on the packet of the article and the application runs a video about the article. It also provides options to see the range of products available in that category, more designs, if any, other varieties, etc. It will also provide reviews of the product and option to submit review, if the user has already used that product.

Our AR Solutions

  • Virtual Dissection

    Education Sector

  • Real View

    Real Estate

  • Consumer Durables

    Consumer Durables

  • Automobile Sector with augmented-reality

    Automobile Sector

  • Furniture Homeinterior


  • E-Commerce with augmented-reality


  • Exhibitions

    Exhibitions & Trade Show

  • Print Media

    Print Media

  • Retail Sector

    Retail Sector

  • Game Sector

    Game Sector

  • Hospitality


  • Pharma sector with augmented-reality

    Pharma Sector

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