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Wearable Glasses

Smart glasses are a wearable computer that adds information onto reality. It provides augmented reality (AR) overlay that has the capability of reflecting projected digital images as well as allowing the user to see through it, or see better with this technology.

Smart glasses are effectively wearable computers which can run self-contained mobile apps. Some are hands-free that can communicate with the Internet via voice commands or touch buttons.

Smart glasses may collect information from internal or external sensors. It can control, or retrieve data from, other instruments or computers. It can support wireless technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS.

Such smart glass devices may include features such as camera, compass, chronograph, calculator, cell phone, GPS navigation, Map display, graphical display, speaker, scheduler, SD cards that are recognized as a mass storage device by a computer, and rechargeable battery.

Smart glasses find immense utility in Oil & Gas, manufacturing, warehousing, industrial machine training, Industrial inspection, medical training and such other sectors. It can also be used to provide unique user experience to the target audience at conferences and virtual demonstration of products at trade shows, etc.

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